'All Movements Should Be Democratic Way' - D.P. Tripathi

Nationalist Congress Party’s Spokesman, senior political idealogue Devi Prasad Tripathi agrees that there should be movement/s for anti-corruption but the moment/s should be done in democratic way/s. Parliament should be accorded its due respect. LOK PANCHAYAT interviewed cogent, rationale, equanimous Tripathi on movement/s, their way/s, eradication of corruption, et al. Excerpts from the interview below:


How does Nationalist Congress Party see the movement against corruption ? 

Entire countrymen are effected, affected by corruption. To end corruption, strong laws should be made. That is why we have supported strong Lokpal. At the same time, the style of the movement for Lokpal is not at all right. The style of the movement is not democratic. Because in the democracy, Constitution, Parliament and laws are there. Their respective powers have been clearly defined. States and the Centre have categorically specific powers which are different from each other. All of them need to be clearly respected. The Constitution has been made by Dr Ambedkar and he clearly said that all its fundamental principles would have to be respected (by all). Since no changes can be made in the Constitution by any Government or assembly, whatever we do we need to do so within the clearly defined parameters of the Constitution. Anna Hazare is saying that whatever he is doing, it is right. Parliament is not right, Constitution is not right, the country is not correct, then, who is right? This is utterly wrong, bunkum. It is undemocratic pronouncements. Who elected him as member of the civil society? There are many members of the civil society. Anna Hazare is answerable, accountable to whom? If Anna Hazare is civil, are others uncivil? There are so many such imperative questions. Nationalist Congress Party is crystal clear that whatever (relating to corruption) happens should happen within the parameters of the Constitution.


Anna Hazare says if Parliament does not pass Jan Lokpal Bill, he will go on a fast again. Your comments on it? 

It is Annaji’s opinion. Parliament is doing its (concerned, specified, due, related) work. Parliament makes a law under (specified, clearly laid down) rules. Such cautions from Anna will cause problems (in making law, rules etc). In our democracy, there are clear provisions of support and oppose. But there are not provisions of obstacles, obstructions. Anna Hazare is doing the latter (to the hilt). To obstruct Parliament proceedings and to show that he is above Parliament is against the rules of the Constitution. In view of this, I say that fast should be for reforms. Fasting should be for the progress of the society. Fasting should not be for tension. My (clear) opinion is, those who talk of moving ahead on Gandhiji’s path of principles, they should at least move along the path of truth, truthfulness, honesty, non-violence and rules and regulations.


Will corruption reduce if Panchayati Raj is correctly, properly implemented? 

If Panchayati Raj is properly implemented, corruption will automatically reduce to a great extent. There is an immediate need to strengthen Panchayati Raj. Despite all this, there will be need to have strong laws, solid institutions to stop corruption. One of them is Lokpal. Lokpal can work as the uppermost institution as anti-corruption agency but there will be need for more instiutions to really check corruption.


In Anna-moment, oppressed, deprived villagers, poor, neglected were not visible. Only the city dwellers were markedly visible. The same kind of people were visible on the stage as well. What do you say on that? 

This (Anna Hazare) movement is the movement of the media. TV channels played vital, most crucial role in carrying forward this movement. In the villages where there are no channels, who knew about this movement? A movement should be accorded due respect as much necessary but the same movement if done keeping the Constitution in mind then the same movement can be more effective, more fruitful, useful.


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