Bharatiya Panchayat Sangh has pronounced its full, complete, impeccable, unconditional support to Purno A Sangma for President of India’s post. This pronouncement came from Bharatiya Panchayat Sangh President Krishna Kant after his relevant, loaded, meaningful, teeming meeting with Sangma. According to Krishna Kant, all MPs, Legislators who support Sangma on the issue of his stiff opposition to Indian Prime Ministership to any person of foreign origin Indians (Bharatiya) should vote for Shri Sangma with nationalistic thoughts, beliefs, convictions.

According to Krishna Kant, since the independence of the country, STs have been victims of oppression, wrongful exploitation, repression, discrimination, deprivation. In this scenario, if a personality from that community becomes India’s President, the STs’ life style will improve, will become better, will race with the rest of the countrymen.

According to Krishna Kant, under the leadership of Dr Manmohan Singh, the extreme price rise has broken all records of earlier times in the country. Because of this, there is utter hopelessness in the entire country. If P A Sangma defeats UPA Presidential Candidate Pranab Mukherjee then finally, there will be a great success in enabling the country recover from all the present malevolence, maleficence including price rise and other anti-countrymen moves presently insidious all through the country. Krishna Kant has appealed to country’s all farmers, labourers, social organizations to unitedly take forward this movement of making Sangma the President of India.

Since last ten years, Bharatiya Panchayat Sangh has been associated with consolidation, empowerment of Panchayati Raj system in the country. The Sangh fully believes that unless the country’s all villages are fully self sufficient the country as such can never become self sufficient. Workers of Bharatiya Panchayat Sangh all through the country, all through their respective areas of working are presently deeply engaged, involved, embroiled in meeting all party MPs, MLAs in their respective areas and simultaneously keep Bharatiya Panchayat Sangh’s logics, arguments, views, practical theories in front of them and appeal to them to exercise their franchise in favour of Sangma in what can be termed as Nationwide Campaign in favor of Sangma. Krishna Kant has expressed full confidence that the country wants a ‘change’ and that is why, Sangma will surely be India’s next President.

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