"Corruption Has Forced People To Do Movement" - Prakash Javdekar

Bharatiya Janata Party MP and spokesman Prakash Javdekar blames Central Government for corruption. He spoke to LOK PANCHAYAT on various issues on anti-corruption movement of Anna Hazare.


How do you see the movement of Anna Hazare?

It (Anna Hazare movement) has become people’s movement. Its main reason is rampant corruption (in all levels, in all sectors). Ever since UPA Government has come to power or it has assumed charge of the Government, Aam Aadmi is fighting with sky high price rise. Then there are all kinds of corruption, scandals. Scandals from Commonwealth Games to 2G Spectrum virtually have directly affected the people of all hues. In the name of development, the Government-representatives pocketed the money. Black money or unaccounted money collected abroad in huge numbers. People becme fed up with this and their frustration, anger, reactions culminated into the present movement. Anna Hazarejee’s movement is a result of the people’s rampant feelings. The whole country now is watching it avidly, dearly. (As if the moment required, they too will jump into the Anna-movement).


Will corruption end if Lokpal Bill is effected? 

First let the Bill be passed. If corruption will not end, why the Government is scared (in passing the Bill)? Why the Government is not bringing the Prime Minister under the Lokpal Bill ? Let the Bill come first. The truth is, the Government does not want to fight with corruption.


What strategies BJP has adopted to fight corruption? 

BJP has been fighting corruption since long. We’ve been opposing Government-policies from roads to Parliament. (Government then turned nelson’s eye to it). Today, the same opposition has spread all over the country. Now the Government is clearly in a dificulty as is clearly evident.


What is your strategy for the next year’s assembly elections in UP? 

We (BJP) will be fighting UP elections on our own. We do not have any alliance with any one. Our (BJP’s) ways are different from other parties’. We talk of development, remove corruption and the like. Other parties do not talk of corruption, do not talk of development. They talk of only themselves. We in the BJP talk of UP as the state and its development, corruption-free adminsitration.


If (UP assembly) election results require BJP to give support to any one or take support from any one, why will it or they be? 

This will be seen only after the (UP assembly) results will be out.


Is BJP becoming weak in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh? 

It is not at all like that. Instead of becoming weak, BJP is becoming stronger in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh. In both the states, BJP has unterruptedly repeated its Governments both in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. There is no weakness in any where in the BJP. The status of Shivraj Singh Chauhan among the people (of madhya Pradesh) has increased by manifold and toady, he is extremely popular. Seeing (good) work of Raman Singh in Chhattisgarh, the people of that state have given the BJP another chance to administer the state. Then how can it be said that we (BJP) are becoming weak in Madhya Pradesh or Chhattisgarh.


What will be BJP’s next step so that the BJP flag becomes aloft in other states? 

We are continuously working in all states (towards that direction). In 2012, assembly elections are due in many states. Definitely, BJP will be successful in these states. The BJP is working in the grassroot level so that the BJP strkies a direct rapport with the people in all levels and upto the grassroot. BJP is active even in the Panchayat levels with full force. Naturally, they will make the BJP successful.



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