Dr. Pawan Kumar Chamling, CM, Sikkim reading Lok Panchayat

Dr. Pawan Kumar Chamling, CM, Sikkim reading Lok Panchayat

2 comments to Dr. Pawan Kumar Chamling, CM, Sikkim reading Lok Panchayat

  • Hon’ble sir,
    Seeing the development in different aspects that has taken place in Sikkim which is through your noble vision. The way how the poor people are being beniffited, how the local youths are being priviledeged with higher education and training oppertunities indiffernet feild and level, how the deprived and differently able ones are being supported, how the chelis are being helped with their rights, Faiths of all the ehtnic communities being made strong, a green mission, village tourism,organic farming, infrastructure development, health care(catch),Panchayat Raj system, NEGRA, and altogether many more of your honors noble mission for poverty free Sikkim by 2013 are the wonderful and great happenings. Hearing which the visitors comming to Sikkim from different part of the world some times feel moved and wondered. For the tourists to read a coffee table book with all the information about them available at all the hotels and tourist places in sikkim would be good, which is simply an opinion of mine ,sir.with regards
    Yours truly
    Tshering Wangdi Bhutia.
    Hotel Garuda,pelling

  • An Indian Mohit Kr. Sethia

    Respected Pawan Sir
    I have written a letter to you to say that Sir kindly ask all Big Celebrities of India to come ahead and try to increase the awareness regarding NATURE AWARENESS & NATURE PRESERVATION. As they can influence a lot.
    After all Nature is the one which gives us everything. Whatever we have it is all due to Nature’s Help , without Nature we are nothing .
    We all Me U nd Every Individual is surviving due to the Nature’s Blessings only….. At the end we should also do something Good for our MotherLand nd for this world. Ye Dharti hai Hamari Maa.
    As we love our Mother in the same way we should Love our MotherLand India…..and this wonderful Earth.
    Thankyou Sir.

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